Can I bring my children/friends with me when I get tattooed?

We do not allow children under the age of 14 in our shop for a number of reasons, but most certainly not because we don't want your children around us. Children are bored easily, can be a distraction to our artists and staff, and can bring germs and contamination into the shop that we work very hard to keep as clean and sterile as possible. To know more about why we have this policy please read our article regarding children in tattoo shops and why it's best for them to stay at home

Our ideal guest number is one per client. Watching someone get tattooed can be boring even for adults, as it can take hours to complete. It is also distracting for the artists when there is a lot of people talking while they are concentrating on tattooing. We kindly advise to keep that in mind when you are inviting your friends along. 

Do you tattoo anyone under 18?

At Labyrinth Tattoos we will not tattoo anyone under the age of 18. Please bring your ID with you to your first appointment so we can verify your age.

Do you pierce anyone under 18?

At Labyrinth Tattoos we are able to offer any basic piercings to anyone 14 years old and above, with earlobe piercing being the ONLY exception at 8 years old. Anyone under the age of 18 must bring their ID and a parent to sign a consent form in the shop.

Is your shop clean and sanitary?


Health and safety is first and foremost at Labyrinth Tattoos. We take all precautionary measures possible in order to ensure that our clients are safe. Maria has participated and has been trained in Blood Born Pathogens and Sterilization Courses. Courses included OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) , Blood Born Pathogens and Principles of Infection Control, the American Red Cross – Universal Precautions for Tattoo artists and Body Piercers, and CHICA (Community and Hospital Infection Control Association – Canada).

Do you use single-use needles?

All cartridges/needles are single-use and sterile and are disposed of via a biohazard container.  They are pre-made, packaged and sterilized by the manufacturer. All our artists use rotary machines and single use cartridges. 

Do you use distilled water or tap water for rinsing?

At Labyrinth Tattoos, we use sterile distilled water for both rinse cups and wash bottles. All our rinse cups and wash bottles are sterilized in an autoclave on a regular basis.

Do you keep your equipment clean?

All equipment that may be touched while tattooing and piercing is bagged this barrier provides a safety measure for client and tattoo artist Items that may be covered are tattoo machines, tattoo cords, overhead lights, wash bottles etc. Anything that is not bagged will be sterilized and/or disposed of.

What do you use to disinfect your work area?

At Labyrinth Tattoos we use CaviCide. These are the same wipes you see at all hospitals and doctors' offices.  We use cavicide wipes and or liquid to clean all work areas between clients.

How do you keep your tools sterile?

Autoclaving is the only acceptable method of tool sterilization period. This includes Hospitals, Dentists, and Tattoo Shops. All reusable tools such as piercing equipment, tattoo tubes, Nalgene rinse bottles, ect. will be sterilized by a steam autoclave. At Labyrinth Tattoos, we test our autoclave on a regular basis by doing a spore test provided by B-Safe/Germiphene infection control. All certificates are kept in a binder and can be viewed by our clients.

Is your tattoo ink clean and safe?

The ink we use is the safest ink available, which is as close to organic as possible. Small bottles of ink are purchased on a regular basis so that the bottles are used up quickly. All of our ink can be supplied from the manufacturer with a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

All of our inks have expiry dates on them, and we make sure that all inks are disposed of prior to the expiration date. We purchase reputable pigments that are used by famous tattoo artists around the world.

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